About Us

At Wawan-Travelling.co.uk, we believe that travel is not just a destination, but a transformative journey that enriches our lives. We are a passionate team of avid travelers who have come together to share our experiences, insights, and tips with fellow wanderers around the world. Whether you’re an experienced globetrotter or a first-time adventurer, our travel blog is your ultimate companion for planning and embarking on unforgettable trips.

Lynn Binette is a seasoned explorer, passionate writer, and an integral part of our travel blog. With a deep-rooted love for adventure and a curious spirit, Lynn has traversed the globe, immersing herself in different cultures, embracing new experiences, and documenting her journeys along the way.

Ruby Carr, a captivating storyteller and passionate traveler, brings a unique perspective to our travel blog. With an adventurous spirit and an insatiable curiosity, Ruby has dedicated herself to exploring the world and sharing her experiences through the written word.